5 hints to create onboard moments-Solo traveler

Yayyy! It’s our maiden article and we are dripping with so much excitement. That feeling you get when boarding for that dream destination. Yeah right! Its official people.

As a traveler, every moment of your travel experience should count and it’s all up to you to make it happen.  It starts onboard, so never miss those moments. Sitting glue to your seats for a long-haul flight (7hrs & above) can be a pain and so boring. We had chats with several solo travelers to share some tips of how they create onboard moments. Here are our 5 tips for that onboard experience.

Hold on, I hear a cabin crew announcement “ Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned off the fasten seat belt sign, and you many now move around the cabin

Somebody read me my travel rights.

5 tips on how to have the best onboard experience from various solo travelers

1. Have a free feel of the menu

Having a meal should be an important item on the itinerary. I know, we get it, not all inflight cuisine are your favorites. Be open minded, you sure will find something yummy to eat. One solo traveler says he likes to taste more than one glass of juice or non-alcoholic beverage of his choice.

That’s not such a bad idea, it’s actually part of the fun. Juice tasting onboard.  How about some wine, cognac or beer, whatever settles with you – don’t hesitant, its inclusive in the air-fare.

2. Make friends on seat row

Fortunately these are the faces you will see for most part of the flight.  Why not make the most of it, I get it some people do not want to be disturbed – we all act like that sometimes –  but trust me at some point during the flight (mostly long haul) conversation is bound to set in.

Picture credit Dreamstime.com

When that moment comes, smile back and give a relax position open for chatting. So many lasting friendship, business partnership and even marriage mates started this way. Are you the shy one?  it can pretty be uneasy to start a conversation.  You can try a sneak peek at what he/she is doing, that way you get a common ground to interact. That was not so hard, right.

3. You may now move around

If you find yourselves unluckily seated with “Unpleasant faces” or “do not disturb” – don’t let that scare you hope is not lost.

Now is the time to stand up, stretch your legs and walk around the cabin –  look for like-minded passengers to network.  Add some swag, have a glass of drink as you do this, it’s like cocktail party onboard. You will be amazed at the number of passengers you find looking for whom to network with – most people are nervous of flying so talking is therapeutic. I always do that, it’s part of my inflight itinerary.

You feel same way too right!

4. Movies and Snacks

Yet to see some of the blockbuster movies already premiere, now can be that time to catch up – doing your personal small screen cinema – but no popcorn so order for snacks.

One solo travelers says, he allots time for everything on his itinerary onboard, from eating to networking.  Have some fun or thriller entertainment from movies to music.  Walk down memory lane with some best-selling past movies.

See my personal list down this page.

5. Strike a pose selfie time

Yes selfie! selfie!! selfie!!! taking selfies onboard with the right angle, right lighting, colorful background is always a kill and a keep- of course your dazzling travel outfit.

Didn’t they say a picture tells a thousand words, so take a picture traveler; don’t let this moments skip you by.

Get beautiful pictures to share on social media or even archives in gallery if you like to keep it private. Be selfie friendly include new friends in pictures, a selfie with a cabin crew looks pretty too.


Part of my movie list from Past to recent

  • Silence of the lambs
  • The Manchurian candidate
  • Scarface
  • The fugitive
  • Taken
  • Shuttle island
  • Prisoner
  • Deception
  • The commuter
  • Game night
  • The nun
  • Death wish
  • Black panther

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