5 essential items to pack in your hand luggage for transit trips

Long haul flights can be pretty exhausting most times and they usually come with transit stops at the airline home country.
Transit times varies with most airlines and some passengers prefer to break flight duration with voluntary transit. I am one of such! I like to break my flights, that way I get to rest and walk the airport before boarding. Point to note too, is that long haul flights with transit are way cheaper than direct flight. Some extra cost to save is not such a bad idea.
Now this is when the content of your hand luggage also know as carry-on should have some essentials for use on the go.

5 Items that always sit pretty in my hand luggage

Baby wipes

Wipes are my ride or die! I always do them in baby wipes. I prefer baby wipes because its gentle on the skin and works for most skin types.
Baby wipes not only cleans but moisturizes the skin, leaving the pores open to breath. Whenever I am airborne on long flights, I usually get blocked pores, my wipes just do the magic for me. I always use baby wipes to clean my face during transit before boarding the connecting flight.
It’s also use to clean certain parts of the body, if you have no access to a quick shower. Like the genital areas to keep you fresh and clean.

That 5ml perfume

Don’t forget Aviation rules on carry-on liquids and gels.
Certain ml of liquid is prohibited and it may vary with different countries. Just to stay compliant, I carry a minimum of two different 5ml perfume in my hand luggage, seal in a transparent bag.
That way I have 10ml to smell nice for the connecting flight and still have extra space to pack other things. Paying fees for extra luggage or having my items rejected can be unpleasant. There are 5ml refill bottles in stores, easy to refill with your favorite perfumes. Because I am a perfume junkie, I sometimes do 4 fragrances of 5ml.
It’s just me!

Fresh breath is magnetic

Most airlines always make provision for disposal toothbrush and paste. Whether you prefer the airline disposal toothbrush or yours, carry it along in your hand luggage for use.
During transit time, a quick brush of your teeth not only freshens your breath but confidently allows you to network if a good opportunity opens up. Don’t forget the 3-1-1 rule when packing liquids and gels. Contents must be under 3.4 ounces, to fit in a 1 quarter transparent plastic bag per traveler.
Let’s get real here, a fresh breath is always an appealing passenger.

Extra underwear

Never forget to pack an extra underwear because you never know.
An extra underwear in your hand luggage is like saving for the rainy day. What rainy day is this! Cancelled or delayed flights.
Cancelled or delayed flights is inevitable and beyond the airline control. Usually it’s the airline responsibility to provide hotel and feeding for passengers when this happens – but not clothes or underwear. It can really be uncomfortable when you still have on yesterday underwear today. Pack an extra underwear and be equip for plan B.

Hair brush

I never forget my hair brush, because sitting and napping onboard ruffles my hair. I brush my hair at transit times, it’s a routine for me.
The airport is filled with so many travelers, don’t forget that some of these passengers may just be arriving fresh from home, you don’t want to look unkept. Besides it’s also nice to take great pictures at transit.

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