My 1st canopy walk in west africa

My 1st canopy walk in west africa

You only love what you have experienced right! I knew I had to go on the canopy walk this year, it had to be knocked off – it was on my “to do list” visit to Rwanda but unknowingly to me, right here in Lagos Nigeria is the longest canopy walk in Africa and 2nd longest in the world.

Lekki conservation center is an ecotourism attraction for visitors and tourists, it has 7 levels in ascending and descending order with 6 towers at the end of each level, the 4th and 5th level is really high. Maintenance and safety standard of the canopy walk is pretty good.

There are notes I made for next walk but here are do’s and don’ts of my very first canopy walk

It was another beautiful weather on a weekend, so right for me to do this short adventure, the nature park was filled with many exciting visitors like me. The staffs were pleasant, they have tour guards available for every group.

Time : Lekki conservation center operates from 9am – 5pm daily do go within these hours of operation to have enough time on the canopy walk. Don’t go late as its quiet uninteresting with less visitors on the walkway, I went a bit late but luckily joined the last group of tourists.

Bags and packs: I was mid way into the walk before I realized it was going to be tough holding my personal items and the net-railings at the same time. Don’t hold personal items as you walk, it is distracting and unsafe as you need to hold the net-railings with both hands.

Do strap on a hikers-bag or fanny pack its safe,comfortable and convenient, I was fortunate that my personal items did not drop down into that forest or get snatched by a curious happy monkey,i would have cried my eyes out.

Part of the excitement is the swings up, down and sideways

Photos: We love to take selfies! Don’t take selfies while walking as part of the fun is the swing of the walkway, its easy to drop phones or camera,I almost had a near miss. Do take selfies at the tower of each level, or have someone take a picture of you walking on the walkway,its more comfortable and safe that way.

Read instructions: Normally there is a safety brief before the walk, but its also advisable to read instruction on the green board and follow through for your safety and others. Don’t jeopardize the safety of others by ignoring the instructions such as you are not allowed to run on the walkway, lean on the tower net-railings, if you do not understand ask questions.

Solo/group: Only 6 in number are allowed to walk at a time on the walkway and 12 persons allowed on each tower at a time. Don’t be a loner if you intend to go solo, make friends within the group, there are certain activities I enjoy doing solo that way I am able to meet people and make new friends

Safety/health: The canopy walk safety standard is world class, however don’t climb the walkway if it will impact negatively on your health. Also, look out for those in your group who might develop cold feet halfway into the walk.

Its an adventure that may start with fear in an exciting way, it might be your 1st dose to be an adrenaline junkie.

Outfits: Dress smart and comfortable, bring your game on!

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