How to book tickets online right – Part 1

How to book tickets online right – Part 1

Online booking makes life easy! throw back to years when i started my career in airlines/aviation, all we had was just paper tickets and manual system. Passengers had to hold and travel with paper tickets, which had leaflets also know as coupons.

Globally, advancement in technology has impacted positively in aviation. Online booking, e-ticketing and digital system is here to stay. You do agree with me that it makes travel easy, seamless and fun.

Here is the thing, most travelers often miss out rules guiding tickets booked online, maybe these rules are not boldly spelt out. So you think i am wrong!

See these loopholes to watch out when booking online

I want an indirect flight because of cost?

If you didn’t know, direct flights are most times more pricey than indirect flight. Most travelers on budget usually opt for indirect flights.

Chika prefers to buy her tickets online, she has a trip to New York with a valid visa ONLY to the United states of America. There are better rates online on KLM/Air France on travel dates. Two fares are available online on same carrier to New York, one is price at USD800 route through Paris only – while the other is USD650 route through Paris and Amsterdam. Chika happily purchase the USD650 ticket.

Tunde has a professional travel agent who handles his travel booking, he has similar route as Chika. The route of USD650 is more appealing because of cost, but his agent strongly advised against that option because of the transit visa rule. Tunde proceed to purchase the route of USD800 ticket.

At the airport Chika was refused to board because she had no transit document for Amsterdam. She was charge an additional fee of USD500 to reroute correctly to New York. On the other hand, Tunde is okay to board his flight to New york because he got the transit visa rule correct.

This is what Chika missed out, passengers holding Nigeria passport with a valid USA visa are allowed to transit just one Schengen state visa FREE. Tunde was fortunate to get it right because his travel agent advised him correctly.

When next you book flights online with transit stops, get to know the visa rules.

I am not permitted to change my ticket?

Promo tickets are so juicy and irresistible! who does not love promotional fares, i am yet to find anyone. However, promo offers can give with 5 fingers and collect back with 10 fingers when the traveler situation changes.

Emeka gets a promo alert and he jumps at the offer, he goes online to purchase his ticket. Unfortunately, he did not read the rules of the promo fare even though his trip has a clause.

Amina hears about same promo from her agent, she is just as excited as Emeka, but her agent offers other flexible fare options because of the nature of her travel.

Unfortunately Emeka is unable to make his trip and goes online to effect change, voila! the promo ticket rule does not permit any change. Its a restricted promo fare rule that states “date change not permitted and ticket non-refundable. He is face between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Amina is also unable to make her trip, but her ticket can be change at a fee of just USD150, simply because her agent splet out the rules of both promo and regular tickets.

Airline ticket attract penalties, it takes just few minutes to read the rules when booking online.

Be like some users who dodge bullets when booking online, we treat ourselves to some nice cocktails afterwards.

Names – Only to illustrate
Scenarios – very real
Travelers – For Nigerian passport holder

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