My travel plan to visit Seychelles in 2019

My travel plan to visit Seychelles in 2019

Seychelles, who is yet to visit just like me! I have been itching to travel to this beautiful lonely planet for awhile now. So, i have decided that in 2019, its has to leave my bucket-list – literally knock it off!
Some destinations are spontaneous while others need to be plan ahead, Seychelles is one of such for me.

See my travel plan to visit this beautiful island!

Why Seychelles?

I like to have “why” to any destination I plan to visit for holidays, it helps one stick to the objective of the trip. This varies for individuals,I fell madly in love with exotic Seychelles from the very first day I saw photos online some years back, its was indeed love at first sight.

Seychelles is an island, most of the activities are centered around  water, an ideal destination for beach lovers like me. I really will like to say “bring your swimming game on” otherwise you may just be sitting on the shore most times.

There are two UNESCO heritage sites in Seychelles!

My Travel plan to visit Seychelles work in progress

1. Date of travel: Best time to visit is April to May and October to November, I have marked May or October 2019 calendar.  This gives me enough time to plan from now, besides these months are usually free for me at work.

2. My budget: I usually like to work with two different budget, I have 3 and 4 star plan for this trip.  My 3 star budget is USD1700 or less while my 4 star is USD2200 or less.  So, if i start to put away USD100-USD200 monthly from October 2018, this will cover 60% of my total cost by March 2019, but that’s with a 3 star budget.

3.Duration of stay: 5 nights and 6 days maybe all I need to bask in this exotic lonely planet, my cost budget is for this duration.

5. Flights: I am not bothered about layover when i am on vacation, its all part of the holiday experience. Besides, there are no direct nor short flights from Nigeria to Seychelles. Two airlines that i am thinking of booking are Ethiopian airlines or Kenya Airways. Currently the air fare on Ethiopian airline is USD790.

6. Hotels and resorts: To get a travel buddy can be pretty demanding most times, as some tend to pull out at the last minute. Luckily, that’s what our GHTRAVELKLUB is all about, click on link and register, its absolutely free. Back to business, lol! any hotel i chose to book must be bed and breakfast, close to the beach, i see some rates on for USD576

7. Which of the islands: There are 3 main islands in Seychelles, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Mahe is the most visited, that’s where i am going anyway.

8. Activities: I guess you know this popular phrase “why be a tourist when you can be a traveler”  i am going to be a traveler all the way on this trip. My plan activities will include a tour of Mahe,meet locals in their space and most importantly water activities of all sorts.

9. Shop: I have to set aside some cash to shop for souvenirs while in Seychelles, how else do I plan to mark my presence and tell my gang about Seychelles. I like to shop for beach vacation, nothing like some lovely stylish  clothes, hats, shoes and sunglasses in pictures.
I am going to need some sandals, flip flops etc  from they know exactly what goes for any activity.

Seychelles is not a solo destinations as some travelers say, nah! no way i disagree, i am a hyper extrovert and i can pull off any destination. Its also fun to go in a group or simply join GHtravelklub because we are certainly going to Seychelles. I hope this article inspires you to plan a vacation to Seychelles.

All photos credited to @visitseychelles, read more on this island

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