Oops! my passport is still held up at the embassy

Oops! my passport is still held up at the embassy

Passport and embassy matters can be an ordeal sometimes for travelers, how does one ever get pass this. Generally, its expected that you put in your passport for visa procurement way before travel dates, but that’s not always the case, is it!

Once in awhile, some trips are impromptu, while others are well planned ahead.  Get ready, because its most likely that  your passport maybe held up in one embassy, at some point of your travel history for visa application.  When this happens, you are stuck between  “a rock and a hard place” situation. It becomes hard to firm up your travel plans on ticket purchase mainly because of uncertainty such as, when is the right time to buy my ticket? is it advisable to wait for the visa to be issued before ticketing? what should i do if my visa request is denied?  will flights still be available at the best price at the last minute?

In such situation as this, you have little or no control, some of us have been there, the wait isn’t interesting at all.  I had a friend who had to withdraw his passport from some embassy, because it took way longer than expected to get a visa. Ideally, you should have secured your visa before booking flight ticket (for Advance visa destinations only ) however, an important event may arise that requires decisive action to purchase flight ticket while awaiting visa approval.

Bear in mind that visa request of another country other than yours is NOT your right but privilege, lol!

These are some tips on ticketing every traveler should know when their visa application is delayed beyond expectation.

These days, most airline tickets are valid for 12 months maximum from date of purchase or 1st outbound date. If your choice of ticket validity  varies, you should request for fares with long maximum period. Most times, the cost difference maybe significant or minimal, either way just play safe.  Flight ticket with 6 or 12 months validity period, gives enough room to reschedule to a new date if visa is issued too late or maybe a change in travel plans. Tough luck if visa was denied, which brings us to another important ticket condition to pick, is it refundable?
You should also use same approach with the hotel you choose to book.

Ask your agent for the ticket rules or clearly read them yourself – is this ticket refundable? what is the refund value? how long will it take to get my money back. Go with airlines that have flexible cancellation policy and may permit rerouting to another destination within validity of ticket at a fee.

Like we always say, a better plan B to complement plan A is a clever way to distress

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