What I discovered on tour of the Pyramids in Egypt

What I discovered on tour of the Pyramids in Egypt

Egypt! I don’t know about you, while growing up as a child i had always wanted to visit Egypt. I was fascinated by the history lessons of Egypt taught in classes, with colorful pictures. My family occasionally arranged story nights of bible characters, my favorite of them all was of Moses, Pharaoh and the 10 plagues, they were moments i always looked forward to.

Wasn’t it about time i visited Egypt! Luckily the “Intra Africa trade fair 2018” was scheduled to hold in Cairo, Egypt. Perfect timing for a one stone to two birds approach – business and pleasure.

Have you visited Egypt?

Do you know that ancient Egyptians built the pyramids as tombs for Pharaohs and their queens

Aside from business of the day which of course was the IATF conference, i had planned several tours on this trip, one was the all famous Pyramids. However i found out some things to note on this short exciting tour, check it out.

The number in your group matters

Tours are best enjoyed in a group, but i found out that a group of 10 or less is a better choice. It’s simple to network within such number than a larger group, a small group is communal and bonding within members can start just in time.

Another thing is the level of interest, if some members of the group do not share common interest of the tour, it can deter the excitement of others. Shared interest is key, it can either make or break a tour.
Like minded small groups increases the excitement of the tour, its also quick to arouse the indifference of others.

Don’t be a party pooper!

Local vendors on sight 

The local vendors on sight are part of the fun, they sell all the little souvenirs needed for the tour. However, they come across as a bit aggressive and deceptive with the whole hustle thing. For instance, the vendors at the pyramids are friendly, even though language is a barrier, but they can be tricky too, no wonder our tour guide had forewarned us about vendors. When we asked why, he said to avoid being tricked, i really didn’t understand him until i experienced it.

You all know the popular tourists pictures of the pyramids that trend on social media, well a friend was trying to get this shot when a pretty female vendor who sells scarfs volunteered freely to take the picture. To our greatest surprise, she demanded for a fee after the snapshot while holding onto my phone, trust a Nigerian girl from Lagos,i grabbed my phone before she could blink the 2nd time. #omonaijanodeycarrylast

Are you bored of these popular Pyramid pictures on Instagram?

Research study is legit 

Something i didn’t do before my tour of the pyramids was to do a research study. Ideally, a brief study of historic sites before a physical tour brings the whole quest to life with a better understanding and wider knowledge.

One is able to relate to “what was read to what is seen“, that wasn’t achieved because i didn’t do a study of the pyramids. Also, our tour guide was french speaking, luckily, we had an English translator in our group, for me it was tough catching up.

Hope is not lost because i plan on several more visits to Egypt.

Is it just me, because i feel these camels are over worked, this one kept frowning and warning me to back off. lol!

Not until dusk on this day before it hit me that i was in Egypt, where Africa first human civilization emerged. It’s believed that the cradle of civilization is Mesopotamia, the area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (which is now Iraq). Some of us disagree, because we believe that Africa is one of the two earliest region where human civilization emerged.

Language maybe a barrier within destinations in Africa, it all depends on our perception.I learnt how to say thank you in Egyptian Arabic which is “Shukran

NB: If you plan to visit Egypt, endeavor to check the weather so you travel in the proper clothing
Do not forget to dress appropriately for the pyramids tour, like comfortable sneakers,sandals, sunglasses etc
Aside from the entry fee, certain activities within the pyramids attracts different charges

To watch the sunset and sunrise of the pyramids, Le meridien pyramids hotel is the place to stay https://www.booking.com/hotel/eg/le-meridien-pyramids-giza.en-gb.html

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