Safe travel should be every travelers priority and responsibility in the new way to travel. As the lockdown ease globally in phases, international flights resume operations flying passengers from one destination to another.

Tourism organizations, destinations and hospitality companies are also reopening their doors to welcome guests back with a safe but exciting experience. There are guidelines in place  to abide strictly to guarantee your safety and others as you prepare to travel.

Since the resumption of travel and its related services, I have had ongoing chats with the tourism industry, passengers and guests for a personal experience and professional advice.

Safe hotel experience


Until there is a vaccine for covid-19 travel is going to be with face mask and all the “Dos and Don’ts”. Accepting the present situation which by the way is not so  pleasant is a safe way to travel.

Life has to go on, because humans by nature are social animals

Unfortunately, places that tourists love to visit  are prone areas of contracting the virus due to high frequency of human activities.
Some examples are airports, hotels, parks, beaches, these are places usually busy with so many touch points. The good news is that the travel industry is working with WHO and CDC to ensure comprehensive health protocols are observed consistently to guarantee safe  tourism.


The smartest not the fastest wins the race! It is impossible to control such situations as COVID-19. Do your best to avoid crowded areas  to limit your exposure.

Use technology to carry out 99% of your activities, all airlines and hotels have apps designed for this purpose.  Its a convenient means to keep away from crowded areas, it is fast and safer. For instance self check-in online using mobile devices, print boarding pass at home and upgrade your room via the hotel app. Doing all of this online in your space keeps you away from busy counters at the airport or hotels.

Like they say ” the virus does not move, people move the virus” 

The hybrid of travel and technology is a rewarding seamless end-to-end safe experience for travelers. Minimize exposure by handling most part of your travel arrangement online. Travel has been made easy and safer with technology.


The only constant  is “change” having said that, the easiest way to accept change is to be flexible. Hey! lets get real, travel will never be the same. Even when the vaccine is discovered, some major changes made to travel will stay forever, do not forget in a hurry 911.

Adapt easily, be flexible to make major adjustments, its all for good. It may seem a bit complicated at first but it gets easier the 2nd time. Passengers require a negative covid-19 PCR tests to board most international flights, same is applicable to go through immigrations. Physical distancing, use of face mask, health screening and temperature scan are mandatory checks at the airport. Passengers are advised to be at the airport minimum 4 hours before departure.


We are in this together means its your responsibility to protect you and I by simply wearing a face mask and stay at home if sick. Watch out for red flags on poor hygiene on-board or in hotel premises, blow the whistle if you notice any breach on safety protocols


The travel and Tourism industry is doing well to ensure covid-19 protocols are applied for safe travel. Airlines, hotels and destinations are responding well to the new normal by prioritizing the safety of customers and staffs . But if you still feel concerned about booking your travel, don’t worry, most airlines and hotels have flexible booking policies.


Seats assignment maybe administer strictly, inflight menu maybe in packs as against the usual but that again depends on the carrier .
There maybe reduction in flight capacity for physical distancing and crew will have face mask on, face shield and PPE. Most airlines are already using contactless kiosk where you can check-in and get your boarding pass at the snap of your fingers.

Do NOT forget to always turn on the vent which is above your head once seated. Most commercial aircrafts are equipped with HEPA (High efficiency particulate air) filters that filters the air inside of dust particles, airborne contamination such as viruses and bacteria.

Man by nature is social, and likes to travel to socialize with nature, culture, people and the environment.
Tourism is safe, the world is ready to travel now.

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