2020! a year never to forget in an hurry. It  was the start of a new decade, with a whole lot of expectations and goals across the globe. In fact vision 2020 is clarity and sharpness of a normal visual acuity, that year 2020 was suppose to be spectacular.
BOOM! and spectacular it was, as the whole world was held on siege by a common invisible enemy called the coronavirus. Bringing powerful nations down to their knees, shut down industries, hospitals overwhelm, lives lost daily and the economy on hold, who could have thought that 2020 had its own different agenda.
Like they say “there is light at the end of every dark tunnel” so there are lessons to learn from every tough challenge.
Personally, I had well mapped out  goals  for the year, one of such was to embark  on launching a product called  “TourAfrica2020”  for Business and leisure tourism development. I planned to visit 3 countries in each region making up a total number of 15 for a start. These are realistic goals, and right there in my bathroom was a perfect picture representing my goals for the year. Now I know better to never count my chickens before they are hatched
However, I learnt valuable life lessons 
1. The most important things in life are not materialistic, nor going up  the corporate ladder. What counts most is the relationship we have built with family and friends, and how much quality time we spend with our loved ones. From giving back to  communities, impacting positively in the life of someone to solving one problem is what makes life worth living. Family is everything like they say, nothing compares. Come to think of it, I love to buy shoes, but  I didn’t wear any of my gorgeous shoes during the lockdown for over 4 months. Just imagine how crazy I will look wearing a 6 inches stiletto heel to go get groceries in the supermarket,  because those were the most visited places during the lockdown.
2.Planning going forward , so I learnt to always make room for exigencies beyond human control in my yearly plan. For instance, risk assessment should be on a long-term. Prior to the pandemic, I normally only assess risk base on projects not the entire business. Having multiple streams of income that does not necessary compliment each other but base on essential needs is a wise decision.  You all know by now that the Travel and Tourism industry was hit the most, the skies were closed, borders shut down because people move the virus.
3.Prioritzing my life as a person and entrepreneur is another vital lesson that the pandemic taught me. In fact my vision board for this year has a theme that reflect this new look. I do things more intentional with a balance view of life and work, its called work-life balance. I live to work now and not work to live no more.
4.Goals, prior to now I normally make goads and push myself so hard to reach them. But now, my approach is different, I do the best I can within my control, adjust to situations beyond my control, then let the undone spill into the next year.
I now work with “to do” and “stop to do” list alongside my goals.
5. Living life free and happy is a new attitude. Sometimes I feel I worry too much about what is deem appropriate by others that rubs off on how stiff I get eventually. The new me is now open to be unscripted, and just want to have fun and live for that moment. Once I  get a reason to travel, I am going to spare me some real leisure time to let my hair down.
Because those fun memories is what we hold onto at the end of it all.
Dear readers, congratulations for we made it into year 2021!

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